PlaySugarHouse PA Introduces A $500K NFL Pick ‘Em Contest

The website and mobile sportsbook  recently launched itself online to the delight of eager sports bettors in the Keystone State and now PlaySugarHouse has announced a fun promotion just in time for the 2019 NFL season.

The gist of the promotion is that PlaySugarHouse will pay out at least $500K in prizes to players who sign up and can pick the winners of each week’s NFL games with no point spread involved. Just pick the most winners and win money! 500 winners will receive cash prizes that cover the $150 ($125 for early birds) entry fee.

The PA PlaySugarHouse Pick ‘Em Contest: $500K In Prizes

This is a great promotion, but it isn’t a free one. To qualify, players must be of legal age (21 and over) and be physically located within PA borders when making their picks. Players must also sign up at PlaySugarHouse and pay a $150 entry fee (early sign-ups get $25 off) before the first NFL games on September 8th at 1pm EST.

This contest is guaranteeing at least $500K in payouts, with a first prize of at least $125,000 but could eventually turn out to be higher if enough players participate and sign up. The aggregate total of all the buy-ins will constitute the total prize pool and eligible participants. A minimum prize pool of $500K is guaranteed, but it could get higher with enough participation.

Don’t think the participation rate could get that high? This twist in the rules might change your mind: You can enter more than once per player! Each player can create up to 25 entries at $150 (or $125) per. More on that possible discount below.

To play in the contest, players must pick the winners of each NFL game (ignoring point spreads – just the outright winners). The allotted selection period each week is from 5pm EST on Tuesday until the first NFL game on Sunday. The pick ’em season will consist of the 17 weeks of the regular NFL season. Thursday, Saturday, and select Sunday games will be excluded from the contest.

Early bird bonus: save $25!

Players interested in this cool season-long contest should consider signing up early to get a nice discount. If you join before August 15, you get an Early Bird Special that amounts to a $25 reduction that lowers the effective entry fee to $125.

BetRivers also qualifies for the contest and early bird bonus!

SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia and Rivers Casino Pittsburgh are owned by the same parent company, Rush Street Gaming, who therefore owns the underlying online gaming platforms PlaySugarHouse and BetRivers. Also, both sportsbooks are operated with the help of their sportsbetting technical partner Kambi, a well-respected world-wide online sportsbook operator.

As a result, this $500K Pick ‘Em Contest is available at both the PlaySugarHouse and BetRivers sportsbooks.

Weekly prizes

Most of the $500K guaranteed prize pool will be paid out at the end of the season, but there are also weekly prizes for top “pickers”. Picks can be made online or on their mobile devices, but make sure that you stick to the same site/platform that you signed up with. If you sign up for the $500K Pick ‘Em Contest at PlaySugarHouse, you must make your weekly picks on PlaySugarHouse.

Also, once you make your picks, they are locked in and can’t be changed. Another wrinkle: in the event an NFL game ends in a tie, picks on both sides of a contest will be considered “winners”.

The PA PlaySugarHouse or BetRivers player who has the highest weekly score (of correct picks) will be awarded a flat $2500 prize. In the (likely) event of a tie, there are two tie-breaking criteria: First, each week will have a Tiebreaker Question – What is the point total of the last NFL game played that week?

In the event of a tie to the tiebreak question, a second criterion will be employed: The prize will be awarded to the player who made their picks earliest in the week.

Season prizes

The bulk of the $500K minimum prize pool will be paid out at the end of the season. If you are lucky (or talented) enough to be one of the top 500 scorers at the end of the season, you will earn at least $175, thereby netting a small profit on that entry.

Earn the most points, and you will be eligible for the $125K minimum top prize.

Also, there is a $2,500 prize awarded at the end of the season to the “biggest loser”. This is the player who made the largest total of incorrect picks. Be aware, not turning in picks for a week doesn’t count as “incorrect” picks. You have to actually make a pick to get it wrong!

Here’s the full schedule of guaranteed prizes for the $500K Pick ‘Em Contest:

PA PlaySugarHouse NFL Pick'em Season End Prizes*
6th - 10th$5,000
11th - 20th$3,000
21st - 30th$2,000
31st - 50th$1,000
51st - 100th$500
$101 - 200th$250
201st - 400th$200
401st - 500th$175

*These are minimum prizes, in the event there are enough entries for the prize-pool to exceed $500K, these entries will be added to the pool and prizes adjusted upwards in the same proportions.

If two or more contestants tie for a season end prize, the total prizes for those finishers will be split accordingly. An example: if two players tie for 5th ($10,000) and 6th ($5,000) place, both players will be awarded $7,500.

Prize winners will be announced by Tuesday, December 31, 2019 by 3pm.

How to get started?

Interested in winning your share of this $500K minimum pick’em prize pool? As long as you are at least 21 years old and are physically located in the state of Pennsylvania when you sign up (and make your picks), you are eligible. Just sign up for a PlaySugarHouse or BetRivers online sportsbook account. Then sign up for the Pick’em Contest and pay the $150 entry fee, or:

To get that $25 discount, sign up before August 15, 2019 and pay only a $125 entry fee.

New signups on both online sportsbooks are eligible for their 100% up to $250 initial deposit bonus with 1x playthrough requirement.