Pennsylvania iLottery Adds Two New Games

The number of games available in the PA iLottery has increased to thirteen with the addition of two new games to the newly launched platform over the last couple weeks. The two new titles introduced to the Pennsylvania online lottery including version of Bingo and a game called Big Eats Little. Both games are featured games for the month of July.

The new iLottery games provide players with something a bit different from existing games in the iLottery.

Like the other Pennsylvania online lottery games, players can try out demo versions of any new games or play with a free $5 when signing up. Games can be found within the iLottery section of the Pennsylvania Lottery website or app.

Ballroom Bingo

Ballroom Bingo in Pennslyvania

Ballroom Bingo is the first online bingo game in the PA iLottery. In the new game, players receive a random bingo board to start of the game. The game will then automatically draw 35 balls. As your numbers are matched, the Bingo card will be marked off.

Players will win prizes depending on which bingo, if any, earned from the drawn balls. Players can bet anywhere from $0.10 to $10 for each new game with a prize multiplier of your bet amount as follows:

Ballroom Bingo Prizes
BingoPrize Multiplier (multiplied by bet amount)
5 in a line1x
Four corners2x
All Blocks500x

Balls are drawn at a rate of about 1 per second. If a player would like to increase the speed up the game, the Quick or Turbo button can be clicked to provide a much faster game.

Big Eats Little

Big Eats Little in the PA iLottery

An ocean-themed collect style game, Big Eats Little offers some different for players. Players can wager anywhere from $0.10 to $10.

Once the game has begun, pick an “illuminated” block of seaweed, which will reveal an arrow, symbol, instant cash prize or various type of fish. Players will win once three of the same symbols are collected.

As your fish increases in size, the prize payouts will increase should you be able to match three symbols. The game will end when a bigger fish or shark eats the player.

Playing in the Pennsylvania Online Lottery

The two new games in the PA online lottery bring the selection of games to 13. In addition to the new titles, players can play a mix of reveal, collect and scratch-off-style games with interactivity that many find more enjoyable traditional scratch-off games.

Pennsylvanians and players currently in the state can sign-up and try the games and receive $5 free after registering.

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