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Here’s What You Should Know About The PokerStars PA Stars Rewards Program

Stars Rewards PA

If you’re one of the many players trying out Pennsylvania’s first and only online poker room, PokerStars PA, chances are you curious about how the Stars Rewards Program works and how you can benefit from it.

You’re in luck. In this article, we will break down what you need to know about the PokerStars PA Stars Rewards Program in 2020.

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A summary of the PokerStars PA StarsReward Program

First of all, the StarsRewards PA program is very similar to that offered at, but it has undergone some major changes over the last few years, so if you remember playing PokerStars over a decade ago, chances are it won’t be the VIP program that you remember.

In addition to offering an online poker room, PokerStars also runs an online casino as well as an online sportsbook through FoxBet. StarsRewards is the VIP program through all three products, allowing you easy accumulation of points towards rewards. The main goal of the StarsRewards program is to earn rewards tailored specifically to you.

To participate in the program, you must opt-in from the “Start Now” button in the PokerStars PA client.

Reward Points

Reward Points are the basis for the StarsReward Program.

While playing real cash games and tournaments at PokerStars PA, you will earn Reward Points as you generate rake. At cash games, Reward Points are earned at a rate of 100 per $1 in rake while tournaments will yield 45 points per $1 in tournament fees generated. Points are also earned in the casino and the FoxBet sportsbook. As you earn Reward Points, you will fill up a progress bar that is prominently displayed on PokerStars. Once you fill the progress bar, you will be given access to a Chest.

PokerStars Chests

When you have earned enough points to earn a chest, you can open it to reveal a randomized prize with the value of the prize consisting of a range within the status level. The chart below details the range of rewards that you can receive.

PokerStars PA Stars Rewards Chest LevelsReward Chest Prize RangeAverage Chest Prize

Your Chest Level is based on the number of Reward Points earned over a 28 day period. Frustratingly, PokerStars PA has not revealed how many Rewards Points are required to earn a Chest or a new Chest Level but only said that you need 350 Points ($3.50 in rake) to earn a Blue Chest and that it can vary by player.

Your Chest Progress bars will reset if you do not earn a chest within a 28 day period — you will then be moved to a lower level. If you are at the Bronze Level or higher and your progress bar is over 50% filled, you will receive a Chest from a lower level when being moved down.


The rewards that you receive when opening a Chest will vary not only by value but in the type of reward you will receive. Players can receive the following types of rewards when opening a Chest:

  • Cash
  • Stars Coin that can be spent in the Reward Store
  • Reward Points earned towards the next level
  • Tickets based on your player profile>/li>

StarsCoin and the PokerStars Reward Store

StarsCoin is “your key to great rewards,” and one of the items you can receive when opening Chests. Once you have earned StarsCoin, you can exchange them for a variety of perks:

  • Items in the Rewards Store, ranging from clothing, electronics to high-quality chip sets
  • Exchange StarsCoin for cash at a rate of 100 Stars Coins per $1
  • Use to buy-in directly to tournaments, Spin and Gos as well as Sit and Gos.
  • Entry into live events