Holiday Countdown Promo from PA Online Lottery Gives Away $100,000 In Prizes

Pennsylvanians who play in the state’s online lottery could receive a festive windfall this holiday season. The PA iLottery is giving away $100,000 over the last five weeks of the year in it’s “Holiday Countdown” promotion.

All players are eligible to win, but there are things they must do to earn entries into the drawing and make sure they opt-in to the promotion. Additionally, knowing the ins and outs of the promo can help players maximize their chances of winning based on the amount they play.

Here’s what you need to know:

How will the prize money be awarded?

The $100,000 will be given away in five drawings, one each week as the year draws to an end. In each drawing, 100 players will be selected to receive a $100 prize. Additionally, each week one lucky player will receive a $10,000 prize. To qualify, players must receive “entries” into each drawing (more on this below) during the week and each drawing will take place three days later.

Here’s a breakdown of the drawing time periods and payout structures:

Entry Earning Period
(12am to 11:59pm)
Winners AnnouncedGrand PrizeSecondary Prizes
November 28th to December 4thDecember 7thOne $10,000 winner100 $100 winners
December 5th to December 11thDecember 14thOne $10,000 winner100 $100 winners
December 12th to December 18thDecember 21stOne $10,000 winner100 $100 winners
December 19th to December 25thDecember 28thOne $10,000 winner100 $100 winners
December 26th to December 31stJanuary 4thOne $10,000 winner100 $100 winners

How do you qualify to win?

The Holiday Countdown Promo is a drawing-based prize system where players acquire entries during the week. The more entries you have, the better chance you have of being selected in the drawing. These entries are earned by making a deposit (and playing it through) during each week of the promotion. Entries are earned by depositing and playing through the following dollar amounts:

  • A daily deposit of up to $25 earns one entry
  • A daily deposit of up to $49.99 earns three entries
  • A daily deposit of $100 or more earns eight entries.

Note that these are daily deposits. If a player wanted to maximize their entries for the week, they could deposit $100 or more every day (and play the $100 through) each day of the week and receive 56 entries for the week. Keep in mind – only entries earned during a specific week count in that week’s drawing – that is, the entries don’t “carry forward”.

There is one other important requirement. To be eligible for the drawing, each week players must log into their account and go to the “My Bonuses” page and select“Claim” on the $100,000 Holiday Countdown Bonus. It’s very important to remember to “opt in” each week and make yourself eligible to be selected in that weeks drawing.

Is this promotion worth playing?

Or rather: Is this promotion worth altering your ordinary online lottery play in order to try to win a prize? The answer to that question is mostly a matter of personal preference, of course, but there is a “fine print” aspect to this promotion that might influence your decision.

It is important to remember that in this promotion, to earn entries associated with each daily deposit, the amount deposited (at least) must be played through on the same day.

This is an important detail and one that many players could overlook. On the positive side, if many players don’t follow through on this aspect of the rules, that should result in less entries for you to compete against. On the other hand, making sure you deposit and play through the $100 (or more) per day needed to truly maximize ones chances might be annoying in itself.

On the whole, it’s probably the case that this generous promotion will influence a few players to increase the amount they deposit and play a little bit on the margin this holiday season.

If you are one of those people, good luck!